Rainbow Eucalyptus (cầu vồng bạch đàn)


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Growing in Arizona: Rainbow Eucalyptus – the KING of exotic trees! Grows very well in Phoenix area, when given cold protection the first 1-2 winters. Likes full sun. Colors start to show age 3-5.

Growing in Phoenix: The king of Exotic Trees! Also called Euclapytus gum. The bark of rainbow Eucalyptusis is a smooth orange shade but as it sheds strips of bark, it boasts a vivid display of colors in shades of green, orange, browns, purples, and gray. Colors start to show within 3-5 years of planting. In Arizona, they are fast-growing and can grow taller than 40 feet. This tree does not grow much the first year but will explode with growth in year 3. Add a branch or two to the shower for stuffy noses and body- aches. It has the characteristic scent of Eucalyptus.  

Rainbow  Eucalyptus likes full sun but will require cold protection when temperatures are below 30℉ for the first two winters.  Do not allow it to dry out between waterings. If planting in clay, provide drainage material such as lava rock and sand to prevent root rot issues.

Not suitable for container growing.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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