Fresh Local Worm Castings


Fresh Local Worm Castings (Phân trùng quế tươi)



Our worm castings are made onsite and bagged daily to ensure freshness. Because of this, you are guaranteed that the product will contain live worm eggs. These need to be used within 7-10 days. Worm castings are the best plant food on Earth. Our worms are fed a combination of food scraps, manure and compost. Use on both container and in-ground plants. Re-apply on container plants every 2 months and 2x/year for in-ground plants.

Fresh worm castings are far superior to the bagged product sold online. Firstly they will contain some worm eggs instantly adding worm life to the soil. They are rich in microbial life which is highly beneficial to the growth and health of plants. In addition, they contain over 60 other micronutrients and trace minerals. Worm castings also contain chitinase, an enzyme that dissolves the exoskeleton or chitin layer of certain insects. Plants take up the chitinase through the roots, when sucking and chewing insects ingest the plant sap, the chitinase has a negative effect on the health of the insect. Chitinase also helps with root-knot nematodes and disease suppression.  Worm castings improve soil structure, reducing soil compaction. It also increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil(soil’s ability to react with positively charged molecules). This impacts how well soil will hold onto water and nutrients.