Tropical fruit tress near me.

    Here's My Story

One scorching summer day, I went out shopping for, out of all the things, plumeria plants. I had always been fascinated by their stunning colors, alluring fragrance and lush foliage. Drawn to their exotic allure and fascinated by their resilience in the face of the desert sun, I decided to bring a piece of this tropical paradise into my own life.

Little did I know that this humble purchase would mark the beginning of my venture into the plant business in Arizona. With each plumeria planted in my garden, I discovered the transformative power of greenery in an environment often deemed inhospitable. I realised that these plants not only survived but thrived, filling a backyard corner of my old Phoenix house where GreenLife was conceptualized.

As the plumerias blossomed, so did my curiosity and determination to share this botanical joy with others. I began to explore the vast world of not only desert adapted plants but slowly graduated to subtropical and tropical plants and fruit trees. My travels and trips became just another excuse to look at a new plant, bite into a new fruit or stare at the beauty of lush foliage of an unknown tree. Unknown tree that I knew I had to have in my backyard. I began learning about their unique qualities and growing conditions through hundreds of trial and errors and countless hours of wrong watering and sun exposure hours. The more I delved into the intricacies of horticulture, the more I realized the potential to turn this passion into a business that could bring beauty and vitality to the homes and gardens of fellow Arizonans.

Establishing my plant business became a heartfelt mission, driven by a desire to enhance the lives of others through the transformative power or greenery. From succulents embraced the dry heat to the Carob tree that stood tall against the sun's relentless gaze, each plant in my collection carried with it a story of resilience and adaptation.

Through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, the support of the local community warmed my heart. Families seeking a touch of nature in their homes, businesses aiming to create inviting outdoor spaces, and gardening enthusiasts eager to explore the possibilities of growing exotic fruits and flowers in this desert all became part of this shared journey.

As the seasons cycled and my plant business flourished, I found fulfillment not only in the growth of my botanical companions but in the smiles and gratitude of those who welcomed greenery into their lives. Together, we transformed, at least a small patch of the arid landscape into a vibrant canvas of GreenLife.

So here's to the plumeria that started it all, and to the flourishing community that has grown alongside my love for plants in the heart of Arizona. May our gardeners continue to bloom, not just with flowers and fruits but with the shared joy of nurturing life in the midst of desert sun. #PhxFoodForest

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Frances Smith
Frances Smith
Loved this place!! ❤️
Tan Kap
Tan Kap
So many beautiful plants! I wish I lived closer. Shamus is awesome; knowledgeable and tells it like it is.
Dinesh Raja
Dinesh Raja
Onestop shop for all variety of fruit trees, folks are super knowledgable, I went with zero idea on what to purchase as I had an empty backyard with new construction, got tons of inputs based on my interests and ended up getting 20+ fruit trees.this was in April 2021.. All of them survived except for one mango.. that died becuase I couldnt take proper care, rest all are thriving. They have a facebook group where we can ask questions and get answers from group garden experienced folks. I Just went into my garden this morning and felt super happy after an year and thought its a must that I leave a review to help others choose wisely.
Luke Campbell
Luke Campbell
Large selection of tropical plants