Our mulch is a locally sourced product that is processed onsite. We do not use anything with thorns or that has been treated with chemicals. Our mulch has been chipped and screened to ensure a uniform appearance. Apply as top dressing. Maintain 12″ depth, 3 foot off-center of the tree.

Benefits of mulch: Cools the ground temperature up to 25 degrees in summer and 25 degrees warmer in winter. Provides a habitat for worms to thrive. Mulch slowly turns into compost, which turns into food for the soil, which turns into plant food, which turns into YOUR food!

We suggest the use of 6 or more inches of mulch for both in-ground and container-grown plants. Materials used as mulch can be made up of wood chips, grass clippings, leaves, bamboo trimmings, pine needs, etc. Mulch acts as an insulating layer, regulating soil temperatures. In the summer, it keeps the ground cooler and reduces evaporation. In winter it prevents the ground from freezing. It also encourages soil life development such as fungi and earthworms. Due to our harsh summer temperatures, mulch will break down quickly and needs to be topped off at least a couple of times a year.