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Malus pumila

Growing in Phoenix: Apples are related to roses, blackberries, and almond. Deciduous trees, but do not always defoliate in the Phoenix’s milder winter. Not as fussy about chill hours as some other fruiting deciduous trees. 

Protect with shade cloth or dappled shade the first year of growing. Once established can take full sun, but afternoon shade can prevent sunburn on fruit, especially late-ripening varieties. Apples can become chloritic in summer, add chelated iron to correct. 

Suitable for container growing. Use a 30-gallon or larger pot.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

Pink Lady: A popular eating apple, that is also good for cooking. The skin is glossy, smooth, thin, and chewy. They contain high acidity and sugar levels, contributing to the initial tart taste followed by a sweet and floral, honeyed finish. A very tasty variety. Late ripening around October. It can be container-grown in a 30-gallon container or larger. 

Ein Shemer: A tasty apple worth a spot in the garden. It has a light, grassy aroma and 

a sweet, subtly acidic flavor with a tangy, fruity undertone. The skin is russet brown in color close to the stem, and a pale yellow-green close to the base. The flesh is white to cream color with a firm texture and crisp snap. It is well suited for fresh eating and baking. Ripens in June- July. Can be container grown in a large 30-gallon container. 

Fuji: One of the most popular sweet apples, it is grown commercially in Japan, Australia, China, and the United States. It has a sweet flavor, crisp fresh, and dense texture. A crunchy apple that is low in acid. Fuji is suited for fresh eating, baking, roasting, and stewing. Late ripening in October. It can be container-grown in a 30-gallon container or larger. 

Mollies Delicious: A late-ripening variety with smooth thin skin that is covered in pinkish-red striping on a green-yellow base. Very ornamental looking. The flesh is pale yellow, crisp, and granular. This variety is aromatic and sweet with a subtle acid balance. It is suited for raw eating and cooking applications such as stewing and baking. It can be container-grown in a 30-gallon container or larger. 

Dorset: An early-season apple that is sweet with slight tart notes. This is a large golden apple with pink striping. The flesh is a creamy yellow color. Can be eaten fresh but is best for cooking applications such as pies, stewing, canning, and apple butter.  It can be container-grown in a 30-gallon container or larger. 

Braeburn: Braeburn apples are very crisp, juicy and taste of sweet spices. The sweet flavor is combined with subtle hints of spice, pear, nutmeg, and cinnamon. It has reddish pick striping on a yellow base with a firm pale yellow flesh. This variety is suited for both fresh eating and cooking such as baking and roasting. Ripens in late fall.  It can be container-grown in a 30-gallon container or larger.

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Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady, Braeburn