Asian Pear


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Pyrus pyrifolia

Growing in Phoenix: Reminiscent of both an apple and pear. It has a crisp apple-like texture with the graininess of a pear. The flavor is mildly sweet and tastes like both pear and apple. Mature trees reach a size of 15-20 feet. A beautiful display of foliage, stunning when in bloom. 

Takes full sun once established. Does not need any winter protection, a deciduous tree. Prefers slightly acid soil, pH of 6.

Suitable for container culture, use a 30-gallon or larger pot.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.


Shinseiki: Narrow(compact) growth pattern. Smaller sized tree but grows vigorously. Produces a display of fragrant creamy-white flowers in early spring. Does better with a cross-pollinator. Lemon- yellow exterior that fruits prolifically. Delicately sweet with a fine-grained texture that is crisp and juicy. Harvest early fall.

Shinko: Brownish green skin, slightly textured with lenticels. A sweet rich flavor with dense white flesh that is crisp and crunchy. Shinko needs another variety for better fruiting. Upright well-formed tree shape.

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