Banana (Chuối)


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Growing in Arizona: Probably the most “tropical” looking plant there is, truly a conversation piece in the garden. Banana does very well here in AZ, and fruits heavily, if properly maintained. Will mature into full sun, but look and do alot better if getting afternoon summer shade. Dwarfs grow to 6’, other types 10’-15’. Banana likes a well draining soil, with alot of organic material. Feed heavily and often during the warm months to get good fruit production. Very infrequent, or no, watering in the cold months. Dwarf varieties can be container grown.

Fruiting Age: Fruit at 1-2 years of age

Mysore: Short plump fruit that has thin skin. Mysore is considered a dessert banana and is also called  Berry banana because of the sweet-tart candy-like flavor. Tall vigorous variety with red mid-ribs in leaves. Grows approximately 16ft tall. 

Manzano: Also known as apple banana. Stubby fruit with thick golden skin. A hint of strawberry and apple flavor, dessert type. Ripen fully before eating. 12-14 ft tall. Green leaves have a slight red margin. Fast-growing, cold-hardy variety. 

Sweetheart: A heavy producer on 14ft tall plants. Sweetheart was bred to produce in drier, poor soils. Large flavorful fruit, excellent for fresh eating, and also great for cooking green.

Kokopo: A vigorous grower. The orange flesh had an excellent texture and flavor. Considered a short-season banana. Fruit is ready within 5 weeks from flowering. Thick leaves are excellent for wrapping food.

Double Mahoi: Dwarf plant grows 5-7 ft tall. A mutation of dwarf cavendish. A very productive variety produces two heads of fruit in its second fruiting cycle. Sweet dessert-type banana. Suitable for growing in a container; 30 gallons or larger.

Dwarf Cavendish: Popular greenhouse variety, grows 7ft tall. A fast grower, with reddish-purple splotches on young leaves. Pleasing flavor. Suitable for growing in a container; 30 gallons or larger.

Dwarf Green: Sturdy variety more tolerant of wind. Grows 6 ft tall producing regular-sized bananas. The fruit is long with creamy orange flesh. Cavendish type. Thick leaves are excellent for wrapping foods for cooking. Suitable for growing in a container; 30 gallons or larger.

Gran Nain: Sold commercially as Chiquita. A pleasant sweet flavor. Grows 8-10 ft tall with good wind resistance. Use leaves for wrapping food.

Dwarf Nam Wah: Delicious flavor with a creamy texture. Used both raw and in cooking. Dwarf Nam Wah reaches a height of 8-10 ft. Popular variety. Suitable for growing in a container; 30 gallons or larger.

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Double Mahoi, Dwarf Cavendish, Gran Nain, Namwah, Ice Cream, Gros Michel, Lacatan


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