Bamboo: Chinese Dwarf – Bambusa Guangxiensis


Bamboo: Chinese Dwarf – Bambusa Guangxiensis

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Growing in Arizona: Very dense and busy, perfect for creating a dense privacy hedge or windbreak. Excellent for growing against block walls. This dwarf bamboo matures at 12’ ish height in Arizona, but can be kept shorter with pruning. Also works well in a container. Wants as much sun as possible, in front of a west facing wall is fine. As with all bamboo, the more sun, food, and water you give it will make it grow faster.

Bambus Guangxiensis is a CLUMPING bamboo, as are all of the bamboo we sell. The “its invasive” online comments do not apply here. Clumping bamboo does not send out runners. Gorgeous plant around the pool also.

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