Loquat (Cây Sơn Trà)


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Growing in Arizona: One of my favorites! Texture of a peach, with a slight orange flavor. Flowers in fall, ripens in March-April. NOT good for container growing. Similar to citrus in the growth rate and habit. Sun and heat sensitive the first two summers, so heavy shade is required to get established. Leaves have many medicinal properties, and can be used to make tea. Beautiful trees, very attractive. Highly recommend.

Fruiting Age: Most of our trees fruit the first year.

Gold Nugget: Oval pear shape yellow-orange fruit. The skin is smooth and has a reddish blush. A  sweet juicy, variety with notes of apricot.

Sherry: A yellow-skinned sweet cultivar. This common variety was discovered by Hugh Sherry in Homestead, FL.  It contains one of the highest pulp contents of the most known loquats and very small seeds. Sherry is excellent for jams and for use in cooking recipes.

Oliver: Oliver has medium to large fruit. The skin color is orange and the pulp is pale orange. The fruit is very sweet with only one to two seeds.

Bradenton: A large loquat reminiscent of a nectarine. Excellent flavored fruits.

Yehuda: Yellow medium-sized fruit, the flavor is said to resemble a golden delicious apple. It is an old hard-to-find cultivar, perfect for collector gardeners. 

Champagne: Produces tasty fruit that resembles a small Apricot with chewy skin and a juicy smooth texture. Oval-shaped fruits are juicy with a great balance of sweet and tangy. Considered to be one of the best-tasting loquats.

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Sherry, Oliver, Bradenton, Gold Nugget, Seedling, Grafted