Mulberry (Dâu tằm)


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Growing in Arizona: The King of fruit trees! Easiest, most productive, shade producing tree that we have. At maturity, can grow up to 25 feet tall and 25 feet wide, so plan accordingly! Can be pruned to smaller size. Can be planted in full-sun and no cold protection needed. Mulberry trees are great for creating micro-climates that protect your tropical plants! All types have the same growth habits. Fruit ripens March-April.

Fruiting Age: Will fruit first year!

*Please Note: Pakistan Mulberry delivery is delayed until end of March 2018

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Florida Giant, Black Beauty, Dwarf Black, Shangri-la, Everbearing, White Fruiting (morus alba 'white'), Persian White (morus nigra 'alba'), Persian (morus nigra), Pakistan, White Pakistan