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Growing in Phoenix: One of the most delicious fruits that announce the summer!  Peaches will take full sun once established but will be better with afternoon shade. They need slightly acidic to neutral soil and deep watering. This is a deciduous fruit and does not require winter protection. Add chelated iron as needed if it becomes chlorotic in summer.  We carry a selection of varieties suitable for the Phoenix climate and that are self-fruitful. Suitable for container growing. 

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

Tropical Snow: A beautiful white-fleshed peach that is sweet and low in acid. This freestone variety ripens in mid-May. A round firm fruit on medium-sized trees. Popular variety. 

Sauzee Swirl: Medium-sized, saucer-style peach. The white flesh is swirled red. The skin is tinted pink to dark red. This is a cling stone variety. Harvest mid to late May. A semi-dwarf variety, great as a container variety.

May Pride: An early ripening freestone variety, with a lovely yellow flesh. It is sweet and tangy and surprisingly large for an early ripening variety. It has a deep red blush on the outside when ripe, a very attractive peach. 

Mid Pride: A yellow freestone type ready in July. The exterior has a rosy blush and the flesh is sweet and juicy. 

August Pride: A large freestone variety that is ready in August. A sweet aromatic variety that is considered one of the best-tasting yellow varieties. A semi-dwarf variety, great for container culture.

Bonanza: One of the most popular varieties of dwarfing peach. A yellow freestone with large sweet fruit that is low in acid. At maturity, it will only reach 5-6 ft tall. Great for containers.

Galaxy: Saucer or “UFO” shaped white peach, with fruit averaging about 6oz on mature trees. It has cream skin that is blushed red. The flesh is sweet, flavorful, and melts in the mouth. A semi-freestone variety that ripens in July.

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Florida Prince, Tropic Prince, Tropic Beauty, Florida Grande, Galaxy, August Pride, May Pride, Tropic Snow, Sauzee Swirl, Mid Pride, Strawberry Free, Donut (Stark), Sweet Bagel, Bonanza Miniature, El Dorado Miniature, Snow Babe Miniature