Pitomba – Brazilian Cherry

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Pitomba – Brazilian Cherry – Eugenia Luschnathiana

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Aromatic bright orange-yellow fruit dangle in masses, like small ornaments among the dense dark green foliage, giving this tree a full appearance. The refreshing golden fruit is soft and apricot-like in texture with a juicy and mildly acidic flavor. Native to Brazil, Pitomba is a cousin to the Lychee and Longan and no more evident than when you peel it to reveal the translucent whitish soft flesh contained inside. With a texture so soft and a flavor so wonderful, they are bound to be addictive.

Eugenia luschnathiana

Growing in Phoenix: Pitomba is native to Bahia, Brazil, and is related to Surinam cherry, Jabotica, and Allspice. This small attractive tree produces yellow cherry-like fruit. They have a thin, tender skin, and a soft, juicy, golden-yellow pulp. It is aromatic, slightly acidic, and subtly resinous in flavor. It is used for jellies, preserves, and carbonated beverages or simply eaten off the tree. They are tolerant of salt and alkaline soils but fair best with a well-draining soil such as the Greenlife soil. In Phoenix, they will require dappled shade at temperatures above 90℉ or morning sun only. Protect in winter when temperatures are below 30℉. Good for container growing.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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