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Sandoricum koetjape

Growing in Phoenix: Santol is native to the maritime regions of Southeast Asia. It has leathery, fuzzy skin, ripening from green to golden yellow. The interior looks somewhat like mangosteen. The fruit has a translucent white pulp that encases 3 to 5 inedible seeds. The pulp has a cotton-like consistency and is juicy, slippery, and soft. The flavor ranges from sour to very sweet, depending on maturity and variety. The sweetest Santol fruits have a candy-like taste, and sour varieties have a strong umami aftertaste. Santol is ultra tropical. It should be container-grown, under 50% shade cloth or morning sun only once temperatures are above 85℉. In the winter it should be grown indoors when temperatures are below 40℉.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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3 gallon