Tamarind (Cây Me)


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Growing in Arizona: Can be planted in full sun. Loves heat. Cold protection below mid 30s. Ok for container growing.

Tamarindus indica

Growing in Phoenix: A stunning tree that does well in the phoenix area. Tamarind fruit is bean-like shaped pods with a clay-colored exterior. The flesh is tender, succulent, and green. It is quite acidic when young. They can be eaten in this green stage, but can also be left to mature to dry tamarind pods. They are used in Asian and Mexican Cuisine. The tree has fern-like foliage and a lovely shape. Once mature, it provides a good dappled shade environment for other more sun-sensitive tropicals. It takes the full sun in Phoenix, it needs to be protected below 30℉ when young, but as it matures it is less cold sensitive. Sweet and sour types are available.

Not suitable for growing in containers long term.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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