Avocado (Cây Bơ)


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Persea americana

Growing in Phoenix: Start your avocado toast from your backyard! Avocados can be grown and will fruit in Phoenix. The Aravaipa variety is native to Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona. Avocado trees will reach 20 ft plus if correctly cared for. They fruit prolifically, different varieties have slightly different textures and skins that range from dark green to purplish and black, Some varieties have edible skins. 

Avocados need filtered sun the first two summers under nurse trees or 50% shade cloth. Buy a tree as mature as possible for better results. Do not water with a dripline. Instead use bubblers, slow hose watering, or flood irrigation. Prone to salt burn, water very deep. Needs rich black organic soil.

Not recommended for container growing except for dwarf varieties.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.


Aravaipa: This particular variety is native to the Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona. The original tree is a single 100-plus-year-old avocado tree. More tolerant of salt than other varieties. 

Thompson Red: Beautiful red exterior when ripe. It is a Jamaican variety with a smooth creamy texture. Pick when full-sized and hanging on the tree for some time, but still green It will ripen on the counter. 

Day: A smaller avocado tree with the ability to be container grown. A tapered neck avocado with sweet buttery flesh. It can hold on the tree for approximately 6 months in Florida, probably slightly less in Arizona. Day avocado is a more cold tolerant variety, hardy into the low 20’s. 

Hall: Hall can easily be 1-2 lbs when ripe with a pear shape and dark green exterior. The flesh is drier and nutty with a pale yellow hue. A more cold tolerant variety.

Wertz: Also called littlecado as it is a true dwarf variety.  It can be container grown, however, avocados are best-grown in-ground.  This tree has a distinctive weeping structure, and the fruit has smooth skin and a small pit. It needs protection below 30℉. A very tasty variety, with rich creamy flesh. 

Pollack: An excellent early-season avocado. It has smooth green skin encasing creamy rich-tasting flesh. This West Indian variety matures from July to September, and the fruit is quite large.

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