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Prunis Armeniaca

Growing in Phoenix: Relate to peaches, almonds, and apples. Apricot trees make a good shade tree once mature. Will reach a height of 16-20 feet with correct watering and care. 

Protect from the afternoon sun during the first year of planting. Once established can handle full Phoenix sun. No winter protection is needed. The tree will defoliate as it is a deciduous tree. Remove fruit during the first year of growth to encourage root and plant growth. can become chloritic in summer, add chelated iron to correct. 

Suitable for container culture, use a 30-gallon or larger pot.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.


Katy: 150 chill hours. A fast-growing variety, well suited to warm climates with a mild winter. Mediums sized fruit are sweet and delicious. Golden-colored fruit with orange overtones. Can be picked slightly under-ripe, and will continue to ripen once picked. Ready for harvest from May to June. Eat fresh, can, or make jams and jelly. A very productive variety with a mild sweet flavor.

Royal: Under 400 chill hours. Also called Royal Blenheim. A freestone variety described as having honey-flavored fruit. Good balance between sweet and tart. Medium-sized fruit on prolific trees. Fruit is lovely for fresh eating but also good for drying, canning, and preserves. Ripens in mid-June. 

Flora Gold: A delicious flavorful freestone apricot. The fruit is medium to large and perfect for fresh eating, canning, cooking, and drying. They are ready for harvest in June. This is a reliable producer of high-quality apricots. 

Blenheim: A large sweet aromatic variety that is great for fresh eating, drying, and canning. It has the perfect balance of aromatics and apricot flavor,  sweetness, and acidity. It was the preferred variety of European growers in the 1700s and in the 1800’s it was grown on the Churchill property, Blenheim castle. A mid-season ripening variety.

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Katy, Blenheim (Royal), Gold Kist, Tropic Gold, Flora Gold