Indian Cluster Fig – Ficus Racemosa


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Ficus racemosa

Growing in Phoenix: Native to Australia and tropical Asia, the Indian cluster fig is also called Red River fig or gular They are sacred trees in India sacred trees with many legends and stories in the Hindu religion. The fruits form in clusters of up to 20 fruits and grow directly from the tree’s trunk and branches. The skin is semi-smooth, and delicate, ripening from green to shades of red-brown, and dark red when mature. The flesh is soft, sticky, and pale yellow to white, encasing tiny, seeds that contribute a crunchy consistency. They smell like spiced apples and are very sweet, and slightly tangy. Grows well in full sun, and requires deep watering Suitable for container growing in a 30-gallon pot. Does not need cold protection. 

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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