Indian Gooseberry Amla


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EXTREMELY hard to find plant, these are the 1st I’ve had for sale in twelve years! Full sun good. Needs protection below high 30s. I would reccommend container growing to start, bring in on the colder nights.

Phyllanthus emblica

Growing in Phoenix: A beautiful tree specimen that does well in Phoenix. Native to India, it has a rich background in Ayurvedic medicine. The yellow, amla fruit tastes sour and astringent with sweet, bitter, and pungent notes. Fresh or dried fruit was traditionally used to treat asthma and aid in digestion. Amla fruit can be consumed raw or cooked, candied, made into syrup, or pickled. The bark can be used in soups. It can be container grown.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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