June Plum


June Plum (Cóc Thái) (Dwarf Ambarella)

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Growing in Arizona: Native to South-east Asia and found in Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and parts of Central America. The dwarf ambarella is a fast-growing plant that will produce fruit in less than one year, and at a height of only two feet. They are often eaten fresh, made into drinks and jellies that taste something like apple butter. They have a single sharp, rather large, spiny seed. They also fruit year round so one tree will provide more than enough fruit for a family. Can be container-grown and are heavy producers.

Spondias dulcis

Growing in Phoenix: The fruits have tough, thick skin that may bear some russeting and is bitter and tannic. The fruits mature from green to yellow. June plums are crisp, and firm when young with a sweet, pineapple flavor. As the fruit ripens, it develops a softer, consistency with mild acidity. It is sweet and sour and tropical tasting. The fruit grows in dangling clusters of about 12. Grow in filtered sun conditions, or morning sun and afternoon shade. Maintain a pH of 6, and use regular applications of sulfur, chelated manganese, and chelate iron. When under 6 feet tall it defoliates in winter. Protect in winter below 30℉. 

Suitable for container growing in a 30-gallon pot.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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