Peanut Butter (Cây Bơ Đậu Phộng)


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Growing in Arizona: Summer afternoon shade. Cold protection below mid-30s. Can be container-grown. Tastes like it’s name =)

Bunchosia argentea

Growing in Phoenix: This novelty fruit is a fantastic “Let me show you this unique tree” plant!  It is a smaller tree native to South America. It blossoms in clusters of bright yellow flowers. The small orange-red fruit tastes similar to peanut butter and has a texture similar to a fig. They prefer the same conditions as a mango tree. Grow in dappled all daylight or morning sun only. Amend soil with soil sulfur, chelated iron, and chelated manganese to help with the pH. Protect in winter when temperatures are below 30℉. Suitable for container growing.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

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