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Growing in Phoenix: It is possible to grow fruit pears in Phoenix! Pear trees are related to apples and blackberries. They are medium-sized trees with a stunning display of spring blooms.  Fruit can be picked in late summer to fall and will continue to ripen on the kitchen counter. In Phoenix grow them in a location that gets afternoon shade. They are deciduous trees and will defoliate in winter, they do not require winter protection. Suitable for container-growing.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.

Pineapple: Large russet fruit with a unique flavor blend of pear and pineapple. It is sweet and juicy with all the goodness and nostalgia of an heirloom variety pear.  Lovely for fresh eating or juice. It keeps well but is also good for preserving. Ripens in late summer

Perdue: Perdues are firm and green around August and can be eaten as a crisp pear at this stage. However, they ripped to a golden brown soft pear far superior for eating. They are described as having creamy sweet flesh with a flavor reminiscent of Golden Delicious apples. A quality fruit with a classic pear flavor. 

Kieffer: Kieffer is a cross between a  European and Chinese Sand pear. It produces large  golden yellow pear blushed with crimson. This heirloom variety is late-ripening in fall.  The fruit is crisp white-fleshed and has a grainy texture. It is sweet and juicy. They make excellent cooking pears and store well. Perfect for a cheeseboard! 

Seckel: This pear has the sweetest profile of all pear types when ripe! Seckel pear is a cross between an Asian pear and a European pear. They are crisp, juicy bite-sized pears, with smooth thin skin. The skin is almost an olive green with a glossy blush that becomes darker as it ripens.  The creamy, white to ivory flesh is dense, moist, and coarser than other pears. When ripe, Seckel pears are crisp, juicy, and possess the sweetest flavor profile of all the pear varieties. While perfect for fresh eating, it is known as a dessert pear and is used in baking, canning, poaching, and even pickling. A good variety for container growing.

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Kieffer, Seckel, Chojuro