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Prunus Domestica

Growing in Phoenix: Plum trees are closely related to peach trees and therefore require similar growing conditions. They are medium-sized trees and can still provide a decent amount of shade when mature. In Phoenix, they can handle full sun, but protect once temperatures are above 85 for the first 1-2 summers.  Water deeply, no winter protection is needed. A deciduous tree that will defoliate in winter. Suitable for container-growing.

See the planting and care guide page for planting and watering instructions.


Allred: This red-skinned variety has a juicy interior with sweet-tart flavors. It is a Japanese variety with stunning red foliage. In spring, it displays a mass of fragrant white blooms. Ripens early.

Methley: Originating in South Africa, a variety of Japanese plum that is popular in the home garden. It has a red to purple-colored skin with a juicy red interior. These are clingstone plums, the flesh clings to the pit. A heavy-bearing variety with showy white blossoms in spring.

Spice Zee Nectar Plum: Spice Zee Necta Plum is prized for its deeply colored red foliage in addition to the fruit. It is a white-fleshed nectarine and red skin plum cross. The skin is dark maroon at the fruit set but turns pale pink when ripe. The ripe fruit is unparalleled in flavor, both nectarine and plum flavors are detectable. The tree is beautifully ornamental with purplish-pink blooms in the spring, followed by red leaves which mature into lush green in late summer. A vigorous grower.

Beauty Plum: Red over yellow skin, amber flesh streaked red. A Japanese plum with medium-sized fruit that is ready for harvest June-July.  It has a rich flavor with a delicious combination of sweet and tart. This is a vigorous tree that bears heavily. 

Weeping Santa Rosa: A showstopper in the garden, especially when blooming masses of white on drooping branches. Santa Rosa grows 8-10 ft tall. The plums are delicious with a sweet and tart balanced flavor and intense claret red color. 

Catalina Plum: This is a sweet juicy black plum with a pale yellow interior. The fruit stays firm when fully ripe. Fruit is ready from June to July. Although it is self-fruitful, this variety does better with a pollinating variety such as the Santa Rosa plum. 

Delight Cherry Plum:  A cross between a plum and cherry. A heavy bearing flavorful clingstone variety. It is tangy and flavorful. Good for fresh eating or preserves.

Persian Green plum: Also known as Goje Sabz. These are small green plums with dark yellow flesh. They are eaten green while sour, and often seasoned with salt to bring out the sour flavors and crunch. If left to ripen, they produce small sweet plums.

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