Flowers and Vine

Heliconia Lobster Claw Flower

By robertjames / June 14, 2022 / Comments Off on Heliconia Lobster Claw Flower

Heliconia rostrata Growing in Phoenix: Also known as the Parrot plant; it is native to the tropical Americas and Pacific Oceans and Asia. This understory plant makes a striking display with large, brightly-hued bracts that cluster up a stem. The leaves are glossy, green, oval, and paddle-shaped. They grow in an upright habit with the…

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Hibiscus bush

By ShamusOLeary / April 18, 2023 / Comments Off on Hibiscus bush
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Hibiscus Verigated Snow Queen

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Hibiscus Verigated Snow Queen

Hard to find exotic Hibiscus plant. Hibiscus Cooperii Snow Queen. Ill bet your neighbors dont have this one =) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Growing in Phoenix: Snow Queen’s variegated leaves are splashed in shades of white, rose, and lime green. The vibrant red flowers are prolific and beautiful, attracting hummingbirds and pollinators. Hibiscus will do much better…

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Jasmine – Grand Duke

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Jasmine – Grand Duke

Jasminium sambac Growing in Phoenix: The creamy rosette blossoms on Grand Duke are exceptionally beautiful. It is used throughout Asia to make a perfumed drink by soaking the flowers overnight in water. It does better with afternoon shade. Provide sufficient watering. It blooms fairly early in spring into early summer and again when temperatures drop…

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Lemon Grass

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Lemon Grass

Cymbopogon Growing in Phoenix: As the name suggests, this is a grass family plant. Popular as a flavoring for Asian food, it is rich in essential oils and a lively citrus flavor. Lemongrass will grow in full sun but requires adequate watering. There is no need to protect in winter, but cut back/ prune right…

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Monkey Brush Vine

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Monkey Brush Vine

Monkey Brush (Combretum aubletii) This South American climber has showy 4” flowers that change color from yellow to a deep orange-red over a period of 5 or more days. It is a vigorous grower and one of the easiest Combretum we have found. This spring bloomer needs high light or full sun in winter to…

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By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Pandan

Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant in the Pandanus (screwpine) genus, which is commonly known as ‘Pandan’ (/ˈpændən/), and is used widely in South Asian and Southeast Asian cooking as a flavoring. Pandanus amaryllifolius Growing in Phoenix: Pandan is a herbaceous tropical plant that grows abundantly in Southeast Asia. It is known as a fragrant…

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Pink Diamond Cordyline

By ShamusOLeary / September 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Pink Diamond Cordyline
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Pink Honey Suckle Vine

By ShamusOLeary / April 18, 2023 / Comments Off on Pink Honey Suckle Vine
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By ShamusOLeary / April 8, 2023 / Comments Off on Plumeria
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Popcorn Cassia

By ShamusOLeary / September 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Popcorn Cassia
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Rangoon Creeper Vine (Chinese Honeysuckle)

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Rangoon Creeper Vine (Chinese Honeysuckle)

Growing in Arizona: Very rare. Have a few examples of these growing here in Phoenix. Will like summer shade and cold protection at freezing temperatures. Hummingbirds LOVE this vine! Can be container grown. Growing in Phoenix: This is a vivacious vine covered in white pink and deep red flowers. When they open the flowers are…

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Root Beer Plant 3 Gallon

By ShamusOLeary / March 10, 2024 / Comments Off on Root Beer Plant 3 Gallon

Rootbeer plant (Hoja Santa)

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Sweet Almond Bush

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Sweet Almond Bush

Sweet almond (Aloysia virgata) is a popular garden plant. It can be evergreen, semi-evergreen, or deciduous depending on where you grow it. In cooler areas, it grows as a deciduous dwarf plant. In perpetually warm climates, it never loses its stiff, scalloped leaves, even in winter, and it can rise to 15 feet tall (4.6…

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Tahitian Double Gardenia (Hoa dành dành)

By robertjames / June 10, 2022 / Comments Off on Tahitian Double Gardenia (Hoa dành dành)

Rare Tahitian Double Gardenia. Soooooo fragrant. Great for container growing. Likes some summer shade. Gorgeous large leaf tropical foliage. What species?  Growing in Phoenix: Gardenia is coveted for its intoxicating scent and attractive, creamy white blooms. The petals are waxy in texture and the foliage is a deep glossy green. These are small to medium…

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By robertjames / June 9, 2022 / Comments Off on Turmeric
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