Jujube (Táo tàu)


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Growing in Arizona: Sometimes called Dounce or bore. Having the texture and flavor of an apple, the jujube are often referred to as manzana or manzanita meaning “apple” or “little apple.” It is an important commercial fruit crop in Thailand, Vietnam and India and is grown on smaller scales throughout Malaysia and Australia. The trees are bush-like with a weeping habit, and they will bear fruit early. Jujubes are known to be extremely prolific producers and are likely to fruit the first year. This is not the common Chinese type that is normally sold, but the larger fruiting, better tasting Indian type. Loves full sun and heat. Super easy to grow.

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Indian Giant Green, Honey jar, Sugarcane, Shanxi Li


1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon Tall